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We would very much like to introduce ourselves, while we wait for our web page to be developed.

BLC maritime ApS is a newly established maritime Consulting and Supervision Company, specialized in subsea power cable works, long- and shorter transmission lines, Offshore wind farms and other related subjects.

Please do not mistake "newly established" with no experience!

We have more than 30 years of experience from a wide range of Sea relatted jobs, Merchant shipping, Tug and tugwork, Towing, Subsea Cable works including installation and repairs, Offshore contracting and others. All as the excecutive part and also as Supervisors and Clients Representatives.

What do we do and what can we offer?

Our main business segment is providing highly qualified Clients Representatives to all kind of Offshor works, with the main stress on Power Cable works, but certainly not limited to this. Suitability Survey of Tugs and other Units working offshore, are another issues. Through a close cooperation with our partners, we can provide Diving Coordination, including review of procedures, at an extremly high standard and in close cooperation with the Danish Maritime Authority. We can even provide Tanker Vetting assistance and all kind off assistance on ISM and ISPS related topics.

What do you do?

    If you in any way think that we can help you, or are in doubt if we can, do not hesitate to contact us.         As we are often "out there" on the job, and outside phone connection, an e-mail might be the best and safest way to make the contact.


Bo A. Lauritsen

Manager / Master Mariner / Supervisor 

  Phone: +45 3011 0643



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